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"Bloom!" - a second linocut inspired by our lovely neighbour Jan's peonies that grow right next to our front garden. An original linocut, designed, carved on linoleum, individually inked with highly-pigmened ink  and handprinted on premium printmaking  paper Zerkall.


Limited varied edition of 50 - the following 2 colours are available:

1. Dusty Pink

2. Blood Red




Image size  25x15cm, paper size 25x35cm


Numbered and signed by the artist (me!)

Because the image is handprinted  there may be slight variations in tone and colour.

Will be shipped flat, carefully wrapped in acid-free tissue, sadwiched  between cardboard and packaged in a protective envelop to ensure safe delivery.  

Sold unframed.



It's been pointed out to me that  my peony linocuts compliment each other very well, so I decided to offer them as "peony bundle" :) with £15 off the total price, if you order them together -please see a separate listing for the pair of them here



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