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Camberwell Beauty

An original linocut, carved on linoleum, individually inked with highly-pigmented ink in warm black and handprinted on lush heavyweight paper (off-white 100% cotton rag Somerset, made in the UK).

Inspired by the beautiful butterfly Nymphalis antiopa, known as the mourning cloak in North America and the Camberwell beauty in Britain. A small limited varied edition of 30. There are 2 colour options:

1. black ink on heavyweight off-white paper with handfinished edges (100% cotton rag Somerset, made in the UK)

2. as above, embellished with watercolour and gold pigment Paper size appr 19x25cm, handfinished edges. Will fit a standard 10x12 inches frame with a mount (as pictured).

Numbered and signed by the artist (me!)

Because the image is inked and printed by hand there may be slight variations in tone and colour but that's the nature and beauty of a handmade print.

Will be shipped flat, carefully wrapped in acid-free tissue with a backboard and packaged in a protective envelop to ensure safe delivery.

Sold unframed and unmounted.


Camberwell Beauty

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