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Original linocut "Firebird", carved on linoleum and handprinted with oil-based ink on premium printmaking paper.

Firebird or Phoenix is a beautiful magical bird believed to die in flames and then rise from its ashes as a new bird. Phoenix mythology can be found in many cultures around the world and this beautiful creature symbolises rebirth, renewal, eternity and hope. Its powerful symbolism has always resonated with me. I came across many interpretations of it but the one I especially like is about facing your fears and finding the courage to get through the struggle in order to start afresh, much stronger than before.

"Firebird" was conceived last summer as a companion piece to my linocut "Tree of Life" and I made it the same circular shape and size. The making of this print has been quite a journey, I started carving on the 1st of January 2021 and it's taken 3 months to carve and another 2 weeks to figure out how to pull a good clean print from this temperamental block.


Limited varied edition of 100.


Image size 30x30 cm, paper size appr 37x37cm.

Hand-torn edges so can be framed mounted or unmounted (with exposed edges). 


This is a varied edition and the following colour options are available (please see photos for comparison and let me know which one you’d like):

1. Red (printed on lush heavyweight 100% cotton rag Somerset paper)

2. Blue (printed on lush heavyweight 100% cotton rag Somerset paper)

3. Gold (printed on premium printmaking paper Zerkall 145gsm)

Numbered and signed in pencil.


Because the image is inked and printed by hand there may be slight variations in tone and colour. 


Due to the large size will be shipped carefully wrapped in acid-free tissue and cellophane and rolled in a sturdy postal tube  to ensure safe delivery.  


Sold unframed.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch should you have any questions. 


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