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"Selkie" - an original handprinted 9-colour wood engraving, inspired by the mythological creatures from Scottish and Celtic folklore. Selkies, or "seal folk",  are seal-like creatures, who can change into humans by shedding their skin. They are found in folktales originating from the Northern Isles of Scotland. I'm planning to make a series of prints inspired by Scottish folklore.


"Selkie" is printed from 4 different blocks (2 lemonwood blocks and 2 blocks of lino). It's the first time I combined wood engraving with linocut which was rather challenging but I'm very pleased with the result. 


Wood engraving is a form of relief printmaking. The image is engraved with very sharp finely-pointed tools into a mirror- smooth surface of an endgrain block (in this case - lemonwood). The surface is then inked up and the image is printed onto paper. 


Handprinted in highly-pigmented oil-based ink on  beautiful  heavyweight 100% cotton rag paper Somerset, manufactured in the UK.

You can choose between  an  unmounted print (with handtorn edges) or mounted  with an acid-free backboard and  mount ready to fit a standard 8x10 inch frame. The mount is affixed with paper "hinges" and can be removed if needed.

Image size 8x10cm. Paper size appr. 19x23cm. Titled, numbered and signed in pencil.


A limited edition of 100.

Because the image is inked and printed by hand, there may be slight variations in tone.

Will be shipped flat, carefully wrapped in acid-free tissue with a protective sturdy board  to ensure safe delivery. Comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Sold unframed.



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