The Frog Princess

‘The Frog Princess’ - a character from a folk Russian fairytale. 
The story (spoiler alert): Tsar orders his sons to marry, they are to find a bride wherever their arrow lands, and the youngest son’s arrow is caught by a frog who becomes his wife. The frog turns out to be a beautiful and clever young woman who got cursed by the evil Kaschei Deathless (an archetypal male antagonist in Russian folklore) to spend 3 years in frog’s skin. When her husband sees his wife’s beauty  for the first time he burns frog’s skin, meddling with the curse. His wife disappears and he now needs to go on a quest to free her from the evil Kaschei.

Original linocut, designed, cut, inked and handprinted with the back of the wooden spoon by myself, Masha Tiplady. Traditional gold ink and Caligo oil-based ink on premium Arches Noir paper (French mould-made, Acid free and resistant to ageing).  Approx. size 15”x 12“.

Small edition of 30 prints. Each print is numbered and signed in pencil by the artist.
Shipped with protecting backing to ensure the safe delivery.

 Sold unframed. 
Please contact me for a postage quote if you'd like the print to be shipped outside UK.

The Frog Princess