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The Moon Ship

INTRODUCTORY PRICE of £45 per unmounted print (£80 for a set of both The Sun and The Moon Ships).


An original linocut, designed, carved on linoleum, individually inked with highly-pegmened ink and handprinted on premium heavyweight paper (100% cotton rag Somerset paper, manufactured in the UK).

After the ink dried, I embellished it with watercolour and 22.9ct geniune shell gold - see the process video.

Shell gold, so named as it used to be made and stored within shallow seashells such as clamshells, is genuine gold powder finely ground to a pigment and bound with gum Arabic to form a solid watercolour block. After the shell gold is dry, I burnish it with an agate stone to a beautiful delicate shine, as can be seen in the process video.


Limited varied edition of 100.

 See this listing for "The Sun Ship" - the other half of the set.


Image size just under 8x8cm.


You can choose between an unmounted and mounted options - a double mount will fit a standard 8"x8" frame and will come with an acid-free backboard as well, ready to be popped into a frame.


Numbered and signed by the artist (me!)

Because the image is handcoloured and gilded  by hand there may be slight variations in tone and colour, making each print unique (though all of them are handfinished in the same pallette of colours).


Will be shipped flat, carefully wrapped in acid-free tissue and protective acid-free casing and packaged in a sturdy envelop to ensure safe delivery.  Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.


Sold unframed.


The Moon Ship

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